NEW!  Custom Persian Calligraphy Paintings (see more)

Here are a few samples of our Persian calligraphy paintings on canvas. We also accept custom orders. Our most popular orders are family logos, love logos, and name designs.            

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Custom Persian Calligraphy Tattoo Designs (see more)

Here are samples of our Persian calligraphy tattoo designs. Especial thanks to our clients who kindly shared their pictures here.             

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How it works?

You select your tattoo quote, poem, or names and we create drafts and finalize it. The design will be scanned in high resolution and sent to you via email. Then you will take that file to your local tattoo shop and they will transfer the design onto your body. Obviously your local tattoo artist doesn’t need to know about Persian tattoos as he or she will see the design as a picture and will try to copy the exact picture on a tattoo stencil and then on your body. more

                                                                NEW!  Get Your Name in Persian Calligraphy! click here