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Have you ever thought you can have a poem with your family members’ names in it?                   

Yes, now it is possible. With Mojdeh Roufeh’s magical poems, it would be possible to have your own custom poem.

Mojdeh’s Persian poetry on the occasion of weddings, engagements, etc.has truly revived the spirit of pure Persian culture and literature tens of thousands of kilometers away from our homeland, Iran.

Mojdeh Roufeh, was born in 1970 in the historic city of Esfahan in Iran. From the very beginning, her mother (who had poetic talents herself) made book her best friend, so her mind was attracted to all the folk songs, lullabies  and other children’s poems and songs at the time. As a result, at age seven she developed a poetic style of writing and would attempt to rhyme like the books she had read. By age fourteen, rhyming words had led to full sentences, verses and eventually elaborate poems that caught the eye of her literature teachers and school administrators.

At age 16, Mojdeh was invited to an exclusive poetry night in Tehran, led by the astound poet Abdullah Taleh Hamedani, who became her mentor afterwards.

She was elected representative of the Jewish Community in Esfahan at the annual “Daheh Fajr” ceremony for three years. She developed an insatiable thirst for poetry and community involvement, and continued both until now.

Mojdeh has published her first poetry book, “Jaaneh Kalaam” (spirit of the words) which was a collection of her poems and is working on her second book of poetry "Shahd-e Qalam" (my pen's sweet honey).

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Sample Custom Persian Poems:                                                           Order Your Custom Poem Now!

Here are a few samples of Mojdeh's custom poems. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture:  


Sample 1: Custom Poetry for Wedding - "Shirin and Omid":


The poem "Shirin and Omid" as wedding card design


           The poem "Shirin and Omid" as a calligraphy art on canvas


Sample 2: Custom Poetry for Wedding - "Sarah and Amir":



Sample 3: Two sample pages of Mojedeh's First Book "Jaan-e-Kalaam"


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