Persian Calligraphy Book:

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Title: Tarkib Dar Nas'taliq
Author: Falsafi
Binding: Paperback
Size (W): 6 1/2"
Size (H): 9 1/4"
No. of Pages: 56
Category: Course Book
Level: Advanced
Calligraphic Style Presented: Nastaliq
Language of the Body of the Book: Farsi
Content Description: This book is about combination in Persian calligraphy, "Nastaliq" style. It discusses the layout of words next to each other and the influence of the words as design elements on one another once they are next to each other. The book includes Nastaliq lessons covering basic to advanced calligraphy techniques including single-line writing, Chalipa (diagonal quatrain writing), and Ketaabat (fine calligraphic story writing).
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