Custom-made Persian Calligraphy Sample

(Framed Art)


Description: This is a custom framed art that translates: "This will also pass!"

This is one of the most famous Persian sayings. Here is the story behind it: One of the Persian kings receives a unique amber ring as a gift. He wants to have something carved on the amber... he gathers all the ministers and nobles around and asks for a good quote to write on the amber. He asks: "Gentlemen, I've received this ring as a special gift and I'd like to have a wonderful quote carved on it. Now, what I am looking for is something that keeps a inspired when I am defeated and also something that warns me not to be too proud once victorious." Every one suggested a quote, but the king didn't like any of those quotes. At last, a villager was passing by and he asked for permission if he, also, could have the honor to suggest a quote. Despite the anger of the nobles, the king asks him to go ahead and suggest the quote that he has in mind. The commoner says "This will also pass"; and the king likes this quote very much and has the quote carved on his amber ring.