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Applied Photoshop for Persian Calligraphy

Introduction: This is a workshop specifically for our art students and the main objective of it would be to introduce photoshop with specific focus on the commands applicable to retouch Persian calligraphy designs or to develop Persian calligraphy design concepts. This is a crash course and emphasizes on “most frequently used” techniques. For more information, download workshop handout here.

Workshop Duration:

Duration of the class hours would be six hours total. This does NOT include the Q&A time after each session. Practice at home would be needed.


Registration fee for this workshop is $240; you may pay the registration fee with your credit or debit card here (amount in US dollars):

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What is Next?

Once your payment is submitted you will receive a conformation email from our website and a receipt number from paypal. You will be contacted via email/phone to set the date and time. The classes will be semi-private (with no more than five students per class) in which case we will be coordinating between you and your prospective classmates.

Any Project Assignments?

Yes! During the workshop, every day you will need to work on a new project assignment to reinforce what you have just learned through applying the new commands and experimenting concepts.