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Hi Payman!

So my brother finally took a photo of my tattoo. Here it is! The dots are actually in red, as you suggested, but my brother edited the photo he took to be in black and white of some sort. I love this tattoo, thanks to you! I hope you like it too! 

Karaneh Jahan,  Lake Oswego, OR

Thanks again for the redesign! Hope you had a great new year. Here is a picture of the finished tattoo. I had them split it into two parts. I'm very happy with it. I will certainly recommend you to friends in the future. 

Michelle Alimoradi, Minneapolis, MN 

Thanks so much. I will be getting the tattoo in a few months and will send you pics as soon as I get it. Thanks again for the beautiful design!
Amir Fairdosi, Chicago, IL

The flame tattoo is a smashing success, I got it done yesterday! We just shrank it a bit but kept everything else exactly the same. I will send better pictures when it heals completely, but wanted to let you know how well it's turned out already! Khaeli mot'shakeram :)
Michelle Jenab, Brooklyn, New York

Just wanted to let you know that I think I have found another engraver who can engrave your calligraphy on my signet ring. I’m sorry to have interrupted you during your class week, and the reason I did not call you back is because, in the meantime, I (hopefully) solved the problem.
Hoping that all will go well from this point forward, and thanking you for all your help, kindness and patience.

Drue Fergison, Houston, Minnesota

I want to thank Mr. Hamed for his wonderful work on my tattoo design. I gave him the task of creating a design with ten words, allowing him to put them in any sequence he wished for esthetic design. What he came up with was exquisite...a masterpiece of calligraphy. I am most pleased with his work, and the in depth talks we had to find the 'inner spiritual' dimension of what I was trying for. I highly recommend his work.

Kirantana, Hernando, Mississippi

I just wanted to share some photos from our wedding from July 2nd, and wanted to thank you again for your logo design! We utilized the logo for our invitations, our table settings (on a golf ball), our wedding programs, and even our party favors (the design was on top of the box full of french macarons)! I got a company to make a stamp out of the design and I stamped mostly everything! We loved it and just wanted to have you know how much it personalized our wedding.
Thanks again!!

Best regards,

Sheila and Naveed Afifi, Calabasas, CA

I would like to thank you for your courtesy and your professionalism, and most of all thank you for your beautiful art. I have tattooed your design on my arm and im very proud of it. Not a single person said any negative remarks about the design. It was a pleasure talking to you and the live demonstration you did online. Merci. Im attaching a picture of my tattoo 4 days after for you to view. Please feel free to use this picture as you wish. I will be contacting you soon regarding your other website and for another design that i have in mind.

Burhan Kamali, Kuwait City, Kuwait

I gave the calligraphy art piece to my friend Fariba at the Christmas party. She cried! Thank you so much for making our Christmas so special!
Teresa G., Fenton, Missouri


Wow!!! That is awesome. I had no idea it would look that good. Thank you so much!!!! I am so glad I did this. :-D Doug
Douglas R., Columbus, Ohio

introduces this ancient tradition to a new generation.
Where East meets West.
and where words of the past come back to life.
Richard M., Burbank, California


Dear Persian Calligraphy Team,
I must complement you all on such wonderful site, providing Persian calligraphy to all. Congratulations!
I am in awe of what you have done. This is such great service and opportunity you have provided for this beautiful form of art that Persians have it and none other ….. People like you, with dedication, through our history, are the ones who have kept our language, culture, and being Persian alive. Thank you!
Nami A., San Francisco, California

This is a magnificent calligraphy. Thanks so much!
Fariborz G., Laguna Niguel, California

I finally had a chance to check my and received the package. Your art is absolutely beautiful !!!!! I will hang it in my home office ….
Mak K., Charlotte, North Carolina

…..I love it and think it looks great! Thank you for your involvement in making me a great piece of art that will help me remember visiting my family.
Leila M., New Orleans, Louisiana

This is wonderful- thank you very very much. I've been trying to find someone that could create this for me…Kayla is the name of my beloved dog of 9 years. I had to put her to sleep this past week and my heart is broken. This is a very special way for me to honor and remember Kayla. Also, I am half Persian so this holds a lot of meaning.
Lisa M., Austin, Texas

The invitation was excellent, very beautiful. I appreciate the insights into the meanings of the different lines. I would never have guessed. Thank you,
Mehdi A., Paris, France

It looks wonderful! The background color and texture are perfect. The proportions of the text should fit well within the frame. The locations of the text are fine, and the density of the ink is fine too, as it gives a slight textural element to the text and brings the paper into the overall design. I really appreciate your services…..Thanks,
Brian D., Englewood, Colorado

These are beautiful. I am interested in why they look so different yet say the same thing? How does that work if they are both cursive? I am trying to buy this for an important design that is honoring my grandfather who passed away.
Bianca A., Brooklyn, New York

I really like it, the only thing is I need a bigger size in order to give it to the artist. Can you scan it to a larger image scaleso that I can make sure the tattoo artist can catch every detail?
Malek Z., Tarzana, California

I like the 2nd and 3rd draft. the second half of draft 2 is really good and I was wondering if there was a way to combine the first half of the 3rd draft with the second half of the 2nd draft so that the sweeping bow of the 3rd one would be combines with the curl at the end of the 2nd draft. or if the 3rd one ended like the second one does
Thank you so much for your time. …
Layla O., Portland, Maine

Hello, I recently ordered some tools from here, they look great.
Ali I., Farmington Hills, Michigan

My wife and I comissioned two Farsi calligraphy tattoos to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. We couldn't be happier with the beautiful artwork put together by Peyman, the super-artist. His penmanship and design talents are just phenomenal. I highly recommend Peyman to anyone looking for an original design.
Al Saber, Portland, Oregon

Thank you for the final design! I'm very happy and pleased with the result.
I appreciate the persian TAZ-HEED calligraphy, very nice.

Nice doing business with you. I will definitely recommend you to other perisan people who wish to have a perfect persian tattoo.
Sarmand J., Bergen, Norway

Payman, the pictures are awesome and amazing! Thank you for everything you have done for myself and my family. I am sitting next to my younger brother, Mehyar, and discussing his tattoo that he wants to get. I told him about how you were willing to help him out and am wondering (although I said otherwise) if your offer still stands. He still wants to get his first name in Persian Calligraphy and is anxious to do so ... Also, I tattooed my left arm with the recent calligraphy that you did for me and will be sending the pictures soon. Thank you again for your powerful artwork.
Mani M., Denver, Colorado

Bita called to let me know that she totally approves of your translation. She mentioned that she had talked to you over the phone, and she was very impressed with the quality of your work ... I even feel better about it after getting that vote of confidence.
Justin H., Los Angeles, California

Thank you very much for your beautiful work Payman. I will remember to send a picture of the final product to you. It's a great talent you have, I hope you can continue to flourish with it.
Jacob W., Salt Lake City, Utah

Craftsmanship design, reasonable price, perfect and friendly service many many thanks for this unique work.
Levent O., Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Payman, thank you very much for the beautiful art work you created for my friend. My friend was very impressed with the beautiful design and all the delicate details you had spend so many hours on. Thank you for the time you spent with me over the phone to create the beautiful calligraphy custom art with my input. The design means a lot to me since we worked together on developing it. You are an amazing artist and I look forward to working with you again. Haleh,
Haleh ., San Jose, California


      many fantastic designs to choose from.....
Marcelle Sheridan, Stirling North, Australia


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