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Learn Persian (Farsi) Online!

If you or your children do not speak, read, and write in Persian (Farsi) then you are encouraged to read on to learn more about our online Persian (Farsi) classes here.

Meet our wonderful Farsi Teacher, Farangis Lashkari:                                                                     

Due to numerous requests from our art students, we are now proud to have Mrs. Lashkari as a great addition to our team!

As a former  principal and teacher in Iran and bringing her precious experience throughout many years of educational experiences in Tehran and in Los Angeles, Mrs. Lashkari teaches Farsi (vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing) via live video streaming .


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Thanks to Mrs. Lashkari's contribution and hard work our students from anywhere in the world are now able to learn Farsi working with her in a real time one-to-one online classroom.

Is there an age limit for Farsi classes?

No. There is no age limit for the online Farsi classes and adults are admitted as well as young children.


What are the students saying?

Hello; my name is Mohammad Danial Alamdari and i am currently 16 years old and have had one of the most amazing experiences with Mrs. Farangis Lashkari. Teaching me and also my sisters, Golnar Alamdari age 19 and Sara Alamdari age 15, since 1998! I have never met such an enthusiastic woman in my life, eager to teach about Iranian culture, language, and heritage. She has been my teacher for more than half my life. She not only taught us how to read, right, and speak fluently but she also taught us FUN Iranian games, traditional dances, and heroic stories.....     Read more testimonials


What is the schedule?

Classes are based on one-to-one tutoring. Therefore, the schedule is flexible and it depends on the student's available time and the instructor's available hours. Once you sign up for the classes you will be contacted to coordinate your class schedule.

How much is the tuition for online Farsi classes?

Tuition for our online Farsi classes is $240 per semester that covers a semester. Each semester is 2.5 months (10 weekly sessions) followed by one week between the two semesters.

How we can get the books and other educational material that we need?

Books will be mailed to your address upon your enrollment in our online Farsi classes (the books will be at extra charge).

How can I sign up in the online Farsi classes?

You can sign up for the online Farsi classes using Application for Online Farsi Classes. Once we receive your application we will contact your for class coordination and we will walk you through the process of  enrollment.