Custom-made Persian Calligraphy Sample

(Framed Art)


Description: This is a custom framed art that has been for a 30th anniversary. This is a Hafez poem that translates:

Before, you had more of lovers’ thoughts*,

The love between me and you was famous throughout the world,

Remember those night talks as I

Had a love talk with your (beautiful) hair

Even though, beauty is what makes people fall in love,

However, our (love) story was because of spiritual tenderness and care

From the dawn of creation, to the dusk of eternity …

Love and care have been on the same promise and pledge,

(This) Hafiz poem in Adam’s time in the heaven garden

Was a beauty (meanings written) on the pages (petals) of (that garden’s) flowers"

* Connotation Note: Please note that here, Hafiz does NOT mean that “you no longer have lovers’ thoughts” but rather, he refers to the young age when couples think and talk more about love verses later when we are busy in everyday life activities and talk less about love to our spouse.